Vanessa Morlet

Licensed Esthetician-Permanent Makeup Artist- Educator


Founder and lead Master Esthetician of King Esthetics, Vanessa Morlet, embarked her journey in esthetics in 2005, specializing in microneedling and rejuvenation/repair of the skin.

Trained as a PMU in 2010, but was not connected to the field until she was diagnosed with cancer. She decided she would pay it forward by helping both men and women who have suffered from health obstacles by re-establishing their confidence through the art of permanent makeup.

Her favorite thing about permanent makeup is the fact that it accentuates natural beauty. The advancements in permanent makeup and techniques have allowed her to give her clients a more realistic appearance.

Vanessa’s go to technique is incorporating her sapphire pro in conjunction with microblading, lips and powder brows. It gives a finishing touch that elevates every procedure whether she is using a digital machine or a hand tool.

Vanessa currently acts as the CEO of King Esthetics; a cosmetic tattoo and skin care clinic in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach. She loves working side by side with her team of estheticians, as well as training new talent in the PMU field.